Away for a Spell


My goodness, it’s late.

I’ll make this short and sweet.  I think I mentioned last time–five days ago!–that I’d be out of town for a long weekend.  I was; it was nice and thanks for asking.  I did manage to get a few hours’ work done on Friday, but that was it until today.  I also didn’t keep a GREAT count, but I know I made a lot of words before I left (one day was about 3700) and then a solid 2000 that one Friday.  So I’ll guesstimate.

I also know that I struggled for days to find the right way to end this one section.  DAYS.  Today, even.

As always, coming back after a long break, I’m grumpy and moving only in fits and starts and looking at this book and wondering why I ever thought it was a good idea.  Grumped at the husband, who grumped back. :<P

Stay Dead (started 5/05; Days 1-4, false start)

Day 1: 1000                 Day 23-26: 9450                           Day 51-52: 4500
Day 2: 1200                 Day 27: (novella) 2000               Day 53-57: 6000
Day 3: 1800                 Day 28: 2500                                Day 58-61: 10,200
Day 4: 1350                 Day 29-32: 8850
Day 5: 1000                 Day 33: 3400
Day 6: 2000                LONDON HIATUS (13 days)
Day 7-10: ~4500        Day 34: 3000
Day 11-12: ~5000       Day 35-39: 9,800
Day 13: 1600               Day 40-43: 10,500
Day 14: 2300               Day 44: 2000
Day 15-17: 4450          Day 45-47: 6000
Day 18-19: 4500         Day 48: 4000
Day 20-22: 5220        Day 49-50: 3500

Blog Post: 400
What I’m Watching:
On the insistence of a Whoian, I’m back at the beginning of the reboot.  Just finished the plastic people thing.  Silly, and this Doctor doesn’t do anything for me.  I really can see what a kid’s show this was/is, though it’s strange that when Who is good, it’s very good.
Also started the third season of Peaky Blinders.  I’m. . . only kind of meh.  It’s been so long, I’ve forgotten the thread of the story, though.  I mean, I pretty much get it, but a few references, I’m like . . . wuh?

What I’m Reading:
Read a short novella by Jo Nesbo, Blood on Snow.  It was okay.  Started Devil in a Blue Dress just because I’ve never read Mosley, and also sampled Tripwire by Child.  I don’t know how this Reacher snuck by me last year unless I simply decided I’d had it with the series.  This book opens in Reacher’s past, though, which is promising.  Lately, the character’s felt stale, and the situations have been contrived.
What I’m Listening to:
Dr. Khan, giving Trump the what-for, and Trump, making more of an ass out of himself than he already is.

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