Labor Day

A really very fine book, by the way, if you’ve never read it.  Along with The Cloud Chamber, one of my favorite Maynard books, I think she does adolescence and latency-aged kids very well.  A shame she doesn’t write more books from a teen’s POV.


Not much to say.  Been working pretty much nonstop on the outline, with a few breaks for life maintenance.  As much as I hate to admit that the husband is correct…he’s right.  Telling myself the story first is important to my process.  I just work better that way and I catch things/think of things I wouldn’t otherwise when I’m down in the weeds.  I thought I’d be done by today, but I’m not.  <shrug> It is what it is.  I kind of skipped over a narrative line that’s important but not critical  to the narrative going on around it–until now.  So now I really need to figure this thread out.  It’s also going to be a short week.  Traveling next weekend and very little opportunity to work, but I’ll bring the computer anyway.

Oh–and football started again.  Thank heavens.  When I lived in TX, I often closed all the blinds and turned down the the A/C to simulate fall.  Might have to do that again here.

Gosh, and I really must update my website to reflect the new anthology.

Stay Dead (started 5/05; Days 1-4, false start)

Day 1: 1000                 Day 23-26: 9450                Day 51-52: 4500
Day 2: 1200                 Day 27: (novella) 2000    Day 53-57: 6000
Day 3: 1800                 Day 28: 2500                     Day 58-61: 10,200
Day 4: 1350                 Day 29-32: 8850               Day 62-67: 11,250
Day 5: 1000                 Day 33: 3400                     Day 68-74: 16,110
Day 6: 2000                LONDON HIATUS (13 days)
Day 7-10: ~4500        Day 34: 3000                     Day 75-79: 11,900
Day 11-12: ~5000       Day 35-39: 9,800             Day 80-84: 13,000
Day 13: 1600               Day 40-43: 10,500           Day 85-92: 14,000
Day 14: 2300               Day 44: 2000
Day 15-17: 4450          Day 45-47: 6000
Day 18-19: 4500         Day 48: 4000
Day 20-22: 5220        Day 49-50: 3500

Blog Post: 400
What I’m Watching: Motive; The Last Ship; Death at Pemberley; RED (good, clean, mindless fun); Last Chance U

What I’m Reading: The Dead Zone; The Book of Negroes; Slavery by Another Name; Chained in Silence; The House Next Door; Servants of Allah
What I’m Listening to: Finished The Haunting of Hill House (very good); tried Hell House, and I just couldn’t get past the narrator and the very sloppy writing (so many POV shifts within a single scene and continuity errors that I kept getting kicked out of the narrative).  So I’ve started Cold Moon Over Babylon.  Interesting.  Not particularly horrific, but interesting.

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