A Little Help From My Friends

So, it’s been awhile.  Have I been working?  Yes.  Have I been doing it quietly?  Yup–writing out loud, reporting my progress (or lack thereof) on a daily basis got kind of wearing.  I can understand how that might work for some people.  It finally ended up not working for me.  Writing is hard enough, and I loaded on a whole other level of expectation that I didn’t need.  I also felt kind of stupid, what with making progress, then taking giant steps back and tiny ones forward.  While that is what it’s like to write a book (or any story, really), there were some days when I pushed back and wondered if I ever once knew what I was doing.

Anyway, last time I checked in, I was tearing up and retooling.  I did that, finally settled on one storyline, and that’s what I’m working on.  Some days go better than others, but that’s the life.

Something very good happened to me, though, and just this weekend: out of the blue, two writer-friends got in touch.  Lord knows why they did; it had been quite awhile with one and almost a year with another.  Anyway, reconnecting was terrific, and one friend, who’s had a rough couple of years herself, has paid it forward in a big way that I can’t talk about just yet but which I think will ultimately all be to the good for me.

What’s more: I liked talking to other writers.  These ladies, I trust and respect.  For me, that is rare.  Like every profession, this is a competitive one.  We’re all vying for readers and writers can also be jealous and envious of success (just like a lot of artists).  Anyway, the fact that these ladies were so generous just floored me, and I’ve needed a lift.  I let myself get very involved and then anxious about the election; in fact, I’ve imposed a news blackout on myself because there’s really nothing good I can see coming from this president-elect and quite a lot that will be bad.  (I am also uninterested in anyone trying to convince me otherwise or explain why they might have voted for The Hair.  Sorry, but for me, there is nothing that justifies supporting a platform built on racism, bigotry, hatred, and willful ignorance.)

Anyway, I’m back.  I’m writing.  This book will get done, and if what I hope happens does…there will be more to come.

So…all good.

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