Gearing Up


Quickly–because I gotta a lot to do still today–I’ve been making some life changes as well as page changes here.  With a little nudge from a Facebook friend, I’m slowly building a dedicated author page…which also means that I have to find things to put on there, right?

Which means writing more, right?

Now, I have been writing SCADS.  My problem lately has been…lots of books started, none finished except a novella and short story and those were to deadline.

Which sucks.

So, I am COMMITTED to seeing this current book through, going back to my tried and true use of an outline with a DEADLINE when this must be finished (this coming Monday); with a DEADLINE of when the book must be finished (end of February, the latest).


Also with a little nudge from a friend, I’ve committed to writing several novellas in a couple Kindle Worlds series.  More on those later when I have time to look up, but those deadlines are set throughout the coming year as well.

Which means that I must finish.  There are people waiting for my stuff.

Time to put it into gear.

Oh…and I had a short story, CHIMERA, come out in a new anthology recently.  Gotta put that up on the website page, too, but here’s the link: PANGAEA: THE RISE OF DOMINJARON 

4 thoughts on “Gearing Up”

  1. I just finished your Ashes Trilogy. More, more, more please! I’m stranded with Alex waiting for Wolf to make a move!

  2. Heh. I feel you. Right now, though, we will all have to wait until those characters decide they have more to show us :-). But I’m so glad you enjoyed the ride!

  3. Omg, I have never read a book as good as the Ashes trilogy! And I doubt I ever will. Once the books were over I literally felt like something was missing from my life whenever I thought of them. I feel so sad that they’re over.
    You’re a great author, Ms. Bick

  4. *blush* Thank you! I’m so happy you enjoyed the trilogy–and, you know, as the writer…I know exactly how you feel 😉

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