Life maintenance today.  Got the first installment of SOLDIER’S HEART for the upcoming June 8 launch of Elle James’s BROTHERHOOD PROTECTORS outlined in five days; done in seven; three to edit.  Turned out longer than I expected, and I never did make it all the way through the outline.  So I figured, okay, Books II and III will appear in September 2017 and January 2018, respectively.  Along the way, though, I got two FABULOUS ideas for spin-off series that I’ll likely develop, presuming that this goes well.

Doing this is an experiment for me.  Having self-pubbed only a couple of stories, I’ll be interested to see what happens.  At the worst, it’s a learning experience that doesn’t pay off.  At the best, though, I’ve found a new venue for a different kind of work/genre.

So took care of the website today; changed up its look.  I like it but really wish I could figure out how to tinker with the size of the font a touch.  It’s just too tiny in the headers and sidebars.  Be nice to figure this out, but this will do for the short term.  Much cleaner than my old site, for sure, but still tons of work remain.

Off to do more work.  Starting Sunday or Monday, I’ll be returning to the draft of the YA I did in February.  Try to get that out of here by mid-May.


2 thoughts on “Booyah!”

  1. Congrats! Looks awesome! Your hard work is paying off.

    Is there anything else I should say here that I’ve forgotten??

  2. Oh, you’re so sweet! Thanks, hon. I’ll tell ya, though, if you know some whiz who can talk me through how to change the sidebar background color from black to something lighter (because all my covers tend to have a lot of black in them, you know?), that’d be great. OTOH, just your comment gives me a lift. <3

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