Some of you know me pretty well.  Some of you don’t, so if you’re bopping by for the first time, here’s the skinny.

I’ve had a really rough couple of years. No need for the gory details, but let’s just say that I moved to a place where I don’t feel at home yet and been kind of spinning my wheels. I must’ve started, what, six books? No…wait…seven, yeah.

In moments of clarity, I knew what was wrong. I had a bad case of soldier’s heart, which is what they used to call PTSD way back in the Civil War. They also called it nostalgia, because soldiers had intrusive memories of what they’d left behind and just couldn’t stop looking over their shoulders.

Well, I’ve been doing that, looking over my shoulder at what I’ve left behind—until this past January when first Jordan Dane and then Elle James popped into my inbox with an offer which forced me to look ahead and I’d be batshit crazy to refuse.

Today, you and I get a chance to see what’s come of all that with the launch of BROTHERHOOD PROTECTORS Kindle World

and my entry, SOLDIER’S HEART: PART ONE.

Let me tell you, I had fun writing this and even more, with the possibilities I see opening up.  Not only will there be a Parts Two (Sept., 2017) and Three (Jan., 2018), but I can foresee three separate series fanning out, too.

More importantly, I’ve met some wonderful people and a terrifically supportive community.

So that’s all awesome–but this has also been quite the education in the world of self-pub: not just keeping to my deadline, which I can do because I’m accountable only to me, but finding folks who are good at what they do–designing covers, copy-editing–and can stick to a schedule.  It’s been an education in terms of outlay and resources.  It’s been a challenge all the way around.

Yet I’m glad to have this opportunity to try something I’ve never done.

So, guys, this is a big step for me and here’s how you can help, if you’ve a mind.

One of the biggest hurdles for any author, traditionally published or otherwise, is gaining eyeballs. A writer needs visibility. A rating or review on Amazon is invaluable, and very much appreciated. Honest reviews and ratings boost a book’s placement in searches which, in turn, increases the number of those all-important eyeballs.

So, please help out. Rate or review this book, and be honest. Really. This is why God invented cocktails.

And if you do take a chance and try SOLDIER’S HEART, thank you, truly, for giving me some of your time. We all have only just so many hours in the day. I hope you find my work worth a couple of yours.


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